Work With Me

My hope is that you will learn to be you, do you, and live new. As your coach, I will walk alongside you on this road as you gain insight into your life’s new direction, determine the goals you want and develop your resiliency.

Working with me means…

  • No judging. Who you are as a person matters, not your past or current situation, so you are safe with me.
  •  No shaming. Working with me is a shame-free zone, so there’s no shaming for all your would’ve, could’ve, should’ves. And I won’t let you shame yourself either. 
  • Your goals are just that – yours, no one else’s, and certainly not mine.
  • I will work just as hard as you to help you realize your potential.
  • I will help you develop your growth mindset and resiliency, which means growing from your experiences, seeing opportunities, and hope for your future.
  • This is not a get-fixed-quick approach. The strategies we work on during your sessions will need to become a life-long commitment for you. But that’s OK because you can do it!
  • As your coach, I care about you and have a genuine desire to help you, so I may suggest other resources that I feel would benefit you without compensation to me.