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Practicing Self Care

I was always made to feel that if I did something for myself that was restorative, relaxing, or just fun, I was irresponsible and selfish. Whatever helped me to destress was considered frivolous and, therefore, not allowed. As a result, I neglected myself and downplayed the things that mattered to my well-being and self-care. Thankfully,…

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Rethink Yourself

If you’ve been boot-scootin’ around my website, you more than likely saw one of my quotes that says, “How you think about yourself is how you treat yourself. So be nice.” (0h look, I put it down below in case you missed it). I didn’t mean that to be just some pithy saying; I really…

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Starting Over

If someone had said to me that after 34 years of marriage, I would find myself starting over, I would have laughed in their face. Pfsh. Not me! Not in a million years. Well, yes, me and though not in a million years, a lot of years nonetheless. And so, of course, I found myself starting over.…

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Moving Forward

Have you ever found yourself going along with your life and then BAM! out of nowhere, everything goes south? You’re left wondering what just happened and how to get back to what was before. Maybe it was a sudden loss like a job, divorce, or someone close to you. Or perhaps it was an unexpected…

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