Starting Over

If someone had said to me that after 34 years of marriage, I would find myself starting over, I would have laughed in their face. Pfsh. Not me! Not in a million years. Well, yes, me and though not in a million years, a lot of years nonetheless. And so, of course, I found myself starting over.

Starting over…that may sound promising, and it should, but it also comes with no shortage of emotions. For me, it was like, “what the #$&!% just happened?” to “wait, I didn’t ask for this,” to “I want my life back,” to “I don’t think I can do this,” to “think I can do this,” to “YES, I’m doing this!” Sound familiar? Welcome to starting over.

Starting over is really about self-discovery. It’s daring to believe that there is more to you than your past and acting on that belief. And while self-discovery can show up in very pronounced ways, most of the time, it’s found in the nuances of everyday life. For instance, controlling the TV remote, having ice cream for dinner, decorating the house the way you want, or buying that outfit you’ve been eyeing can all be part of self-discovery.

Sometimes, it’s merely figuring out your likes and dislikes or deciding to be adventurous by going ziplining (sign me up!) or some such. Simply put, it’s you doing you, preferably in a healthy way. (Yeah, ice cream for dinner every night probably isn’t the best nutritional choice out there. Sigh.).

The point about starting over is that despite the myriad of emotions you may experience, embrace every day with the expectation that you will learn something new about yourself and that that “something new” is creating a phenomenal you!

Happy starting over!


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