Moving Forward

Have you ever found yourself going along with your life and then BAM! out of nowhere, everything goes south? You’re left wondering what just happened and how to get back to what was before.

Maybe it was a sudden loss like a job, divorce, or someone close to you. Or perhaps it was an unexpected health condition, unforeseen financial difficulties, a relocation, or…. you fill in the blank. The point is, whatever that event, it wasn’t planned or anticipated, and now you’re reeling from it.

Those kinds of events can knock us off our feet, causing us to struggle to get back up. These situations can feel traumatic, making us wonder what we did wrong and triggering grief, fear, depression, and anxiety. We may question our sanity and long for what used to be. “Why me?” becomes a constant question with no good answer.

I wish I could say there was a simple solution to restoring life to the way it was – if so, I’d be rich beyond belief – but, unfortunately, there isn’t. However, what I can say is, you can always move forward.

Moving forward can look different for each person; however, it’s important to note that moving forward isn’t always a straight line or the shortest distance between two points. Sometimes, moving forward is simply getting up after being knocked down or taking a step, albeit a small one, from your current location. The point is, forwardness (and not the socially awkward kind) creates momentum towards something new, meaning you aren’t doomed to be rooted to the spot that caused your life to alter.

Don’t get me wrong, moving forward isn’t denying or discounting the life you had before. But it is an act of sheer will and determination and can feel monumental at times, like an uphill battle. But the thing to remember is, moving forward is empowering. It creates resiliency and confidence. Moving forward may not mean going back to the life you had, but it will mean you can have a life of your choosing.

So here’s to moving forward! 


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