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Where to start when your life suddenly stops.

Reclaim your identity, become the most intentional version of you, and live with purpose. Discover how to be you, do you and live new.

The unexpected events in your life may be your backstory, but it doesn’t have to be your only story. Instead, change the narrative to your life and write the version you want to live.

Ronny Morris, Personal Coach

You have the power to rewrite your life, one that’s full of hope and promise. Just take that first step and click a button below.


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My Purpose, Philosophy and Belief


Drawing on my experiences, I want to encourage and empower others who have found themselves on an unexpected road trying to navigate unfamiliar territory. No one should have to go it alone.


Nothing is so monumental that it cannot be overcome. Every person’s potential is more powerful than their biggest obstacle or their greatest disappointment.


Your journey has a purpose, your story has power, and you have incredible worth.

Copyright 2021 A Life Rewritten. All rights reserved.


“I have worked with many counselors and therapists in my life and none of them ever really made a difference. But when you work with Ronny, the change is almost instantaneous. She really listens to you. Ever since our first meeting, I have felt happier, more confident, more capable, more worthwhile, and–best of all–I have felt heard. If you want to talk to someone who not only knows their stuff but actually cares about you as a person, A Life Rewritten is the place to go.” – Marie M.

I have worked professionally with Ronny for the last few years.  What started as professional relationship, turned into a mentorship and friendship.

Ronny’s passion is helping others and she will make you feel comfortable from the start. Have you ever met a person who you are compelled to share your secrets with?  Ronny is that person. She has an uncanny ability to read between the lines and hear what you are not saying.  She not only asks thought provoking questions but has lazar sharp insight and comes up with amazing ideas, strategies and solutions that work.  She has a brilliant ability to connect with a wide variety of personalities and help each one reach his or her potential by understanding each person’s strengths and weaknesses.  Her energy and spirit are amazing.

I whole heartedly recommend Ronny as a Life Coach.

Terry Steffen, Activities Director at Fellowship Square Tucson

I worked with Ronny [professionally]. She was always a very helpful person. She made it her goal to be as helpful as she could be and as understanding as she could be. I was [in a supervisory role], and this was my first time being a supervisor, and I had a lot to learn. So I started going to Ronny for help with a lot of things. I told her I am willing to learn whatever you are willing to teach me, and she did teach me.

I always knew that if I needed something or needed help, she would help me. I can honestly say that I learned a lot and grew so much as a supervisor, a person, and a leader from all the stuff I learned from Ronny. Even to this day, she is still there to help me[.]

Ronny is a very kind-hearted, beautiful, and helpful person. We need more people like her in this world.   – Melinda H.

Be You. Do You. Live New.


To “be you” means to be your most authentic self. You are uniquely and wonderfully made. You are an original masterpiece! “Be you” by claiming or reclaiming your unique identity rather than being someone else’s idea of who you are.


No one can do you the way you can do you. Your likes, tastes, pursuits, your turn of a phrase, the style you wear, (even whether or not you like broccoli!), are all about you doing you. So don’t be tempted to hide behind a façade and deny the real you.


Every day is a gift, a do-over, an opportunity to live new. Reframe your current situation by seeing the potential for your future rather than focusing on past hurts and disappointments that will rob you of your happiness.

Copyright 2021 A Life Rewritten. All rights reserved.

Work With Me

My hope is that you will learn to be you, do you, and live new. As your coach, I will walk alongside you on this road as you gain insight into your life’s new direction, determine the goals you want and develop your resiliency.

Working with me means…

  • No judging. Who you are as a person matters, not your past or current situation, so you are safe with me.
  •  No shaming. Working with me is a shame-free zone, so there’s no shaming for all your would’ve, could’ve, should’ves. And I won’t let you shame yourself either. 
  • Your goals are just that – yours, no one else’s, and certainly not mine.
  • I will work just as hard as you to help you realize your potential.
  • I will help you develop your growth mindset and resiliency, which means growing from your experiences, seeing opportunities, and hope for your future.
  • This is not a get-fixed-quick approach. The strategies we work on during your sessions will need to become a life-long commitment for you. But that’s OK because you can do it!
  • As your coach, I care about you and have a genuine desire to help you, so I may suggest other resources that I feel would benefit you without compensation to me.